A model multipurpose cooperative in the Cordillera Region.


To instill cooperative principles, values and enhance practices among its stakeholders to attain better quality of life.



1. To increase membership and members’ participations.


1.1 Increase regular membership to 16,000; associate members to 20,000; kiddie accounts to 8,000.

1.2 Increase number of MIGS to 90%

2.  To increase Asset. 2.1  Increase asset to 1.75 Billion
3.  To deliver quality services and develop new business ventures based on the needs of members and the community.

3.1 Excellent services delivered.

3.2 Five business ventures established.


4.  To enhance the capacity building of the officers, staff & members.

4.1 Conduct trainings for members.

4.2 Attend trainings for officers, staff and members.

5.  To expand & strengthen linkages with GOs and NGOs sharing common objectives. 5.1 At least ten linkages established.

6.  To improve cooperative image.


6.1 Aim for Gawad Parangal Award by the CDA, and other awards.


BSUCMPC adheres to the values of self- reliance, mutual help, cooperation, democratic control, solidarity, transparency, educational and financial growth and environmental advocate.

Its Officers, staff and members are committed to the ethical values of honesty, transparency, social responsibility, dignity and faith in God as inherent to the Cooperative movement.


We share the same value system:

Business with a heart

Self-help and self-responsibility

United for a cause

Meritorious (praiseworthy)

Pro people